Decentralization of Educational Management in Vietnam

There is no question that decentralization, to move authority and responsibility to lower levels of hierarchy, has been very popular the last decades. This promotion of decentralization can be seen both in the private and the public sector. In the private sector decentralization has been under taken in order to increase profits, by a decrease of information bias and an increase of control and personal incentives. In the public sector decentralization has in many ways been considered a “miracle recipe” for both democratization and public administration efficiency.

This thesis analyzes the state of educational decentralization in Vietnam with the purpose to analyze how education has been decentralized in Vietnam; and if it has been in accordance with the purpose of the international development institution present in Vietnam. The thesis presents a theoretical framework over public decentralization and educational decentralization….


1 Introduction
2 Decentralization –a Theoretical Framework
2.1 Public Decentralization
2.1.1 The Objectives of Public Decentralization Political Decentralization Administrative Decentralization Deconcentration Delegation Devolution Market Decentralization Fiscal Decentralization
2.1.2 Political Objectives of Decentralization
2.1.3 Success Factors of Public Decentralization The Importance of Local Capacity Decentralization as a Multiorganizational Process
2.2 Decentralization of Education
2.2.1 Centralized Education
2.2.2 The Emerge of the Decentralization Thought in Education
2.2.3 Political Environment and Educational Decentralization
2.2.4 Different Kinds of Educational Decentralization
2.2.5 Differences in Educational Decentralization around the World
2.2.6 Proposals for Decentralization of Education Political Legitimacy Local Professional Expertise Market Efficiency
2.2.7 Financial Decentralization of Education
2.2.8 Conclusion
2.3 Ineffective Organization of Educational Management
3 Decentralization of Educational Management in Vietnam
3.1 Methodology
3.2 Political Structure in Vietnam
3.2.1 Public Administrative Reforms in Vietnam
3.3 Decentralization of Education in Vietnam
3.4 The chosen Case Provinces
4 Results from the Case Provinces
4.1 Son La
4.2 Hue
4.3 Ho Chi Minh City
4.4 Ca Mau
4.5 Conclusion
5 The International Development Organizations’ View on Decentralization
5.1 The UNDP
5.2 The CIDA
5.3 The World Bank
6 Conclusion

Author: Edquist, Love

Source: Jönköping University

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