Preconscious Influences on Decision Making about Complex Questions

There is evidence that the most widely accepted theories and models of judgment, decision making and reasoning are inadequate because they do not accurately describe what people do or are able to do when making decisions…


Chapter I: Introduction
Research on Decision Making
Research on Preconscious Processes
Investigating the Decision-Making Process
Preconscious Influences on Decision Making
Comparing Decision-Making Processes for Two Topics
Comparing Decision-Making Processes of Two Groups
Statement of the Problem
Data Sources
Research Questions and Hypotheses
Chapter II: Review of Relevant Literature
Literature Selection Criteria
Decision Making and Preconscious Processes
Traditional Model of Reasoning and Decision Making
Preconscious Processes
The Absence of Introspective Awareness
and a Reliance on a priori Causal Theories
Affect Independence and Affect Primacy
Automatic Evaluation Effect
The Social Intuition Model of Moral
Judgment and Moral Reasoning
Information Processing May Not Be
Motivated by a Search for Accuracy
Theories about the Interaction Between
Emotion and Reason
Affect as a Substitute for Conscious
Reasoning in Risk Analysi
Non-Consequential Decision Making
Reason-based Analyses of Choice and Why Reasons Are
So Important
Kuhn’s Study of Argument Skills
Causal Theories and Policy Decisions
Why Study Policy Decisions Instead of CausalTheories
Selecting Decision Questions
Political Decision Making
Political Ignorance and the Construction of Preferences (andiiiDecisions)
Theories of Political Decision Making and Preconscious
Affective Intelligence
Symbolic Politics
Heuristic and Online Models of Political
Decision Making
Critique of Research on Preconscious Influences
Intuitive Decision Making and Reasoning Model
Knowledge, Experience, and Expertise
Chapter III: Methodology
Pilot Study
Final Study
Decision Questions
Interview Protocol
Response Time: Decision Latency, Analysis Time,
Counterargument Latency, and Partisan Latency
Citing Evidence
Justificatory Rationale
Expert Knowledge
Self-Assessed Knowledge
Reported Speed to Decision
Argument Repertoire
Choice of Decision Model….

Author: Sran, Deep Singh

Source: University of Maryland

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