Delivery of DNA and Recombinant Infectious Bursal Disease Virus Vaccines in Ovo

Infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV) remains a serious problem for commercial broiler producers throughout the world. An in ovo delivery system for plasmid DNA vaccines was evaluated by studying parameters, such as the route of delivery (air cell vs amniotic cavity), transfection reagent (IFA+DMSO vs polyethylenimine), dose of plasmid DNA (1 to 100 µg/egg), and the nature of humoral immune responses. An optimal response was detected when embryos were inoculated with 60 µg of plasmid DNA. This system for in ovo delivery was used to determine the efficacy of a plasmid DNA vaccine against IBDV in 18-day-old embryos….

Author: Moura, Lenita de Cassia

Source: University of Maryland

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