A multidisciplinary risk assessment of dental restorative materials

Amalgam has been used as a dental restorative material for centuries, but its potential health effects and biopersistance has lead to a decreased use especially in the Nordic countries. New materials have been introduced, partly to replace the mercury containing amalgam and partly because of esthetical reasons…


Dental restorative materials
Alternative direct restorative
filling materials
Indirect restoration
Endodontic materials
Materials for removable dentures
Legal aspects of dental material
Swedish National Board of
Health and Welfare
The Swedish Register of Side
Efects of Dental Materials
Material Safety Data Sheet
CAS registry number
Risk and safety statements
List of R-phrases
List of S-phrases
Hazard symbols
Fact Box No. 1 – Example of risk-
and safety phrases and hazard symbols
Hypersensitivity reaction
Fact Box No. 2 – Allergic reactions and ex-amples of dermatological definitions
Occurrence of side efects
Self-reported health
Aims of the study
Design and summary of results
– paper I and II
Study population
Reference population
Fact Box No. 3 – The content of the questionnaire
Baseline investigation
Drop out analyses – telephone
Statistical methods….

Author: Tillberg, Anders

Source: Umea University

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