Design and implementation of the MMS portal

MMS-enabled terminals on the market today are very complicated to use. It takes several steps to create a multi-slide MMS-message with images and text. This discourages users from using it. To increase usage of MMS, several companies provide web-based or stand-alone programs that allow users to create and send MMS-messages from a regular computer. However these editors have many limitations and are not user-friendly.This thesis describes the design and implementation of a user-friendly web-based MMS-portal where users can create, edit and send MMS-messages. The portal is integrated into Densitet’s system for development of mobile services.Conclusions that can be draw from this work are that problems…..


1 Introduction
1.1 Overview
1.2 Background
1.3 Concept
1.3.1 MMS-editor
1.3.2 Moses MMS-module
1.3.3 Database
1.4 Thesis methodology
1.5 Technical description MMS
1.5.1 Basic MMS structure
1.5.2 Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language, SMIL
1.5.3 Multipart Internet Mail Extension, MIME
1.5.4 Simple Object Access Protocol, SOAP
1.5.5 MM7
1.6 Existing MMS editors
1.6.1 Spray
1.6.2 Ericsson
2 System Description
2.1 Design overview
2.2 Portal
2.2.1 Pages
2.2.2 User rights
2.3 MMS-editor
2.3.1 Slide editor Slide tabs Slide image Slide information Slide control
2.3.2 Content viewer Content viewer design Content viewer function User upload function
2.3.3 Size and duration information
2.3.4 Send information
2.4 MOSES MMS-module
2.4.1 Ericsson MMC MM7 third-party API
2.4.2 MMS-Module work flow
2.5 Database
2.5.1 Tables
2.5.2 Database relations
2.6 Design issues
2.6.1 Technical constraints Image limitations Audio limitations Size limitations
2.6.2 Security issues Portal security Java applet security Upload script
3 Conclusions
4 The future
4.1 Further development
4.2 The future of MMS
4.2.1 Mobile messaging future in numbers
5 References
6 Abbreviations
7 Appendices
7.1 List of appendices

Author: Henrik Adolfsson, Peter Svensson

Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology

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