Designing service quality in four star hotels based on inbound traveler`s point of View: case of Safir Hotel

Designing quality service is an important issue in today’s world of competition in the tourism industry and in particular in the hotel sector. Although numerous resources are available on the subject of service quality design, only a few have provided a comprehensive framework and rarely have taken customer point of view in their studies. This study attends to propose a comprehensive framework for designing hotel service quality from customer’s point of view.

Hospitality firms, such as hotels, are an ideal example of a market which could benefit from the implementation of service innovation. First, from a customer’s perspective, the hospitality market is perpetually inundated by many similar, often easily substitutable service offerings. This can cause difficulties for hotel managers as they attempt to differentiate an individual hotel from its competitors (Reid and Sandler, 1992). One solution to this challenge may be to offer new and innovative features to customers. Secondly, the hospitality industry is rapidly changing due to accelerations in information technology (Olsen and Connolly, 2000). Applicability and validity of the proposed framework is analyzed in a case study of Safir Hotel in Esfahan in 2007.

This research try to show the importance of service quality management for providing better service in hotels to the guests, based on guests points of view. The benefits of offer higher service quality have influence on both hotel sector and customers. Some of these advantages are, competitive advantages, management leadership, productivity improvement, work development, reduce costs and economic profits, employees satisfaction and increase their working value, staff empowerment, involvement, communication and teamwork, commitment on the different parts of management, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, the benefit of this resources has influence on hotel sector and guests, innovation is an important value of this article.

Author: Bagherian Sararoudi, Mohammad

Source: Luleå University of Technology

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