Design and Development of Digital Biotechnology Portal

Researchers, students and academic professionals may not find time and do not posses skills to search required information on the Internet that could support their needs. As we know information on the Internet is growing exponentially every year resulting creating problems for the above where they could miss valuable information. This situation became a challenge for library and information professionals to give pin pointed information on the time. In this computer era users are expecting many more services, then mere traditional books issuing or supplying published information, like SDI services, email facility, every day discussion facilities to share and/or exchange ideas and to be up to date with the new developments in their subject area. Solutions for the above problems have already been evolved in the form of Subject gateways and portals. Ex. RDN network (subject gateway) Yahoo, (portals) etc.

Author: Banda Shankar

Source: Documentation and Research Training Centre, Indian Statistical Institute

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1 Subject Portals: an Introduction
2 Pre planning
3 Staff and skills required
4 System requirements
5 Maintenance requirements
6 Quality selection
7 Resource discovery
8 Resource Processing
9 Collection management
10 Working with information providers
11 Publicity and promotion
12 User interface design
13 Distributed cataloguing
14 Multi-lingual issues
15 Co-operations between portals
16 Conclusion
17 Screen shots of Biotechnology Portal
18 References

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