Development of a conceptual framework to measure organizational readiness to adopt knowledge management

Knowledge management is not something new. It is going to be something tangible and in another word there is a kind of revolution on this topic today. Nowadays all successful organizations are becoming knowledge-based and they try to have knowledge management and knowledge sharing as integral part of their attendance for achieving competitive advantage among other businesses. So many articles and retrospective theories and frameworks have been reviewed for doing this research. In this study I have tried to develop a framework for Saipa, a car manufacturing company, to measure its readiness to accept knowledge management and the focus of research has been on knowledge sharing which is a key for knowledge management (Liebowitz, 2001). The research has been done with the help of Saipa Co. in distributing my questionnaire and also helping me in correcting and adjusting my framework, to describe and analyze how companies can understand the factors for developing and adopting knowledge management in their communities.

Author: Shaabani, Maryam

Source: LuleƄ University of Technology

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