Visualizing privacy: design and development of a privacy management component

This Master’s Thesis in Media Engineering has been performed at Ericsson.

Advances in technology and new services for mobile systems come with an increased concern for privacy. In this thesis, this issue is addressed by describing a privacy and trust mechanism that will allow the users to manage and create their privacy settings within a larger mobile system. The functionality and possible designs of a visual component for managing privacy has been developed in order achieve an increased understanding of privacy for the system’s users. This visual component, called The Privacy Display Widget, has been developed for and integrated within a project called MobiLife (2004).

A number of research questions have been approached in order to gain a better understanding of privacy in online and mobile systems and also to better understand the user’s needs when it comes to privacy management.

This master’s thesis describes the design process for the graphical user interface of the visual component. The underlying functionality is also described as well as privacy management in general and in the system in question. The results of the design process, a set of visualization concepts for the privacy management component, are illustrated and evaluated using expert and heuristic evaluations. Using the knowledge gained through literature studies and the design process, there will then be a discussion of the research questions approached in this thesis.

Author: Bostrom, Lisa

Source: Lulea University of Technology

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