Digital broadcasts using a FM transmitter

Every night, local newspapers are broadcasted on Sveriges Radio P1 all over Sweden. These newspapers are for the visually impaired, afatics, dyslectics and disabled persons that for some reason can not read printed newspapers. To be able to listen to these papers, the listener have to borrow a special receiver from Taltidningsnämnden, a Swedish government authority.

The receivers used for recording these newspapers are now old and have to be replaced by new ones. The new receiver, called Adela, is built upon a digital signal processor but the broadcasts still remain analog and it is the purpose of this thesis to investigate suitable modulation, symbol synchronization, symbol detection and equalization techniques for digital transmissions over the existing FM network.

Finally a proof-of-concept decoder system was built to evaluate the chosen techniques.

Author: Selberg, Robert

Source: Lulea University of Technology

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