Disaster medicine- performance indicators, information support and documentation: A study of an evaluation tool

Disaster medicine is a discipline that is generally regarded as being developed from military medicine. The science of disaster medicine is more a descriptive than analytical type. Research, in most instances, has not employed quantitative methods and there is very sparse knowledge based on analytical statistics. One consequence of this is that similar mistakes are repeated over and over. Lessons that should be learned are merely observed. Moreover, there are almost no practical or ethical ways in which randomised controlled studies can be performed.The management, command and control of situations on different levels of hierarchy has seldom been evaluated and there have been no standards against which performance can be evaluated…


1. Lists of papers
2. Introduction
3. Aims of study
4. Study design
5. Results and comments
6. Statistical methods
7. General discussion
8. Templates of performance indicator
9. Summary in Swedish
10. Acknowledgements
11. References

Author: Rüter, Anders

Source: Linköping University

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