Distributed CORBA applications

Title: An approach for performance measurements in distributed CORBA applications

Distributed computing systems are becoming more and more important in everyday life as well as in industrial and scientific domains. The Internet and its capabilities enable people to communicate and cooperate all over the world. One way to construct distributed systems is to use a communication model with distributed objects as CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture). Distributed objects give many advantages, but suffer from some performance problems. In order to handle the performance problem it is important to find where in the event chain the delays occur.


1 Introduction
2.1 Distributed system
2.2 Distributed Object Computing
2.4 Summery of related work
3 Performance handling in a distributed system
3.1 Demands for high performance.
3.2 Improving Performance
3.3 Diagnosing a distributed system
3.4 Interceptor.
4 Profiling tool
4.1 Requirements
4.2 Design
4.3 Implementation
4.4 Running the profiling-tool.
5 Experimental framework
5.1 Server
5.2 Components
5.3 Client
5.4 Running the experiment
6 The Result
6.1 Experiment 1
6.2 Experiment 2
6.3 Experiment 3
6.4 Experiment 4
6.5 Experiment 5
7 Discussion and Future work
8 Conclusion
9 Bibliography

Author: Marcus Holgersson

Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology

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