Drinking Water Out of Streams

Drinking Water Out of Streams is a collection of poetry that plays with lyric and narrative form. The collection is arranged with lyric poems surrounding a series of linked narrative poems in the voice of a suburban high school French teacher…


Siste, viator
Feminist Health Collective
2nd Street Intransitive
After Dinner
Drinking Water Out of Streams
Epilogue: Summer Incinerator
1. Isabel
2. Wandering Orbit
3. Playground Rules, Summer Bible School
4. A Strip Mall Love Story
5. How This All Got Started
6. Cette classe est merde
7. Rue des ordures
8. Morning Announcement
9. The Yet-Alive
10. The Church Window (La Vitrine)
11. Post-Partum
12. My Marxist
13. Some Sort of Health
14. Classroom Graffiti, Two Weeks Before the Nursing Home
15. Gardening: Savage Mill, Maryland
On Reading The Sexual Life of Catherine M.
Hardware City
This Is What Lasts
Learning About the Body

Author: Blain, Heather Ann

Source: University of Maryland

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