Eco Hydrological Impacts of Dams: A global assessment

This project aims to improve our understanding of how dams and reservoirs impact freshwater systems worldwide. The following questions were addressed specifically: 1) what are the spatial patterns and magnitudes of flow regulation and channel fragmentation by dams globally; 2) how are dam impacts distributed biogeographically, and which are the biogeographic regions and taxa most threatened by dam impacts; and 3) how can climate change and dams be expected to interact in basins, and what management actions would mitigate adverse interactions….


1 Introduction
Dam history
Overview of physical and ecological effects of dams
Dams and freshwater biodiversity
Dams and global change
Quantifying dam impacts
Underlying hydrologic data sources
Underlying biological data
Summary of the papers
(I) Fragmentation and flow regulation of the world’s large river systems
(II) Climate change and the world’s river basins: anticipating management options
(III) Dam obstruction among the world’s freshwater ecoregions and implications….

Source: Umea University

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