The effect of internal marketing on organizational commitment: an investigation among state-owned banks inIsfahan, Iran

The purpose of this thesis was to investigate the effects of aspects of internal marketing on organizational commitment of employees. The research was conducted among managers of state-owned banks situated in the city of Isfahan, Iran. Internal marketing is growing recognition of both scholars and professionals with the increasing commoditization of products and services and the continuing failure of techno-driven customer relationship management. The main criteria of internal marketing were derived from the literature; provided the backbone for our internal marketing dimensions. Data was gathered from a survey among 128 managers who rated self completion questions on the basis of their perception. In order to achieve the purpose, five hypotheses have been formulated that link the dimensions of internal marketing including motivation, job satisfaction, training, œunderstanding and differentiation, inter functional coordination and integration to organizational commitment. Data analysis indicated that inter-functional coordination and integration, training and motivation have positive effects on organizational commitment of employees among state-owned banks in Isfahan. Therefore if the state-owned banks want to ultimately provide a better service experience for their customers, it is recommended that more attention be directed toward enhancing organizational commitment among personnel, with a focus on the effective aspects of internal marketing.

Author: Farzad, Atousa

Source: LuleƄ University of Technology

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