Is the Effectiveness of Teen Court Dependant Upon Gender?

Teen Court (TC) is an innovative juvenile diversion program that has spread rapidly across the United States in recent years. Although this program has received many praises from the media, parents, and teens, rigorous research on its effectiveness is lacking. Only a few studies have been conducted and the results have been mixed. Recently…

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Author: Dugas, Denise Marie

Source: University of Maryland


Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Literature Review
Juvenile Crime and Delinquency
Teen Court Overview
Previous Research on Teen Court
Underlying Theories of the TC Model
Labeling Theory
Gender, TC, and Labeling Theory
Chapter 3: Methods
Delinquency Measure
Positive Self-Concept Measure
Chapter 4: Results
Hypothesis 1
Hypothesis 2
Hypothesis 3
Chapter 5: Conclusions
Limitations and Future Research
Other Theoretical Mechanisms
Differential Association and Social Learning Theories
Procedural Justice Theory and Law Related Education
Restorative Justice

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