Model test of an efficient fish lock as an entrance to fish ladders at hydropower plants

In this project, we will test a model of an efficient fish lock as a possible entrance to fish ladders at hydropower plants. Migrating fish which swim upstream in rivers for reproduction have to get over barriers, for example hydropower plants. If a fishway is employed to aid the fish pass this kind of obstacle, water is required to be obtained from the dam without first passing through the turbines. Also, the fish could possibly have problems locating the fishway, because of the dominating flow from the turbine tailrace.

We will analyze a fish lock that makes use of turbine tailwater to lure the fish into the lock and further on to a fishway. The fish lock is a shallow open channel which works with a tiny proportion of the tailwater. A local acceleration of the flow is developed by changing the cross sectional part of the lock channel.

Watch a video on Dam & Fish ladder

Measurements are focused on how to develop the lock so adequate water goes through and enough velocity increment is reached. This is explored in a lab-scale model using laser Doppler velocimetry. A full- scale model will likely be tested at the Sikfors hydropower plant in the Pite river.

Source: Lulea University of Technology

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