Electromagnetic wave scattering from an arbitrarily shaped bi-isotropic body of revolution

An efficient method for analyzing the scattering of electromagnetic waves from a bi-isotropic body is developed in this dissertation. Although the techniques developed is applicable for analyzing wave scattering from an arbitrarily shaped bi-isotropic body, it can hardly be used in an optimization process nor computer-aided product design because the computational time required for one iteration is very long and the memory required is exorbitantly huge. It is noted that significant time could be saved if an exact solution is not required….


Chapter 1 Introduction
1.1 Chirality and Optical Activity
1.2 Electromagnetic Activity and Chiral Materials
1.3 Bi-isotropic Materials
1.4 Bi-anisotropic Materials
1.5 Constructions and Applications
1.6 Motivation and Goal
Chapter 2 Formulations for Bi-isotropic BOR
2.1 Fields Splitting in Bi-isotropic Medium
2.2 Formulations for Scattering from Bi-isotropic Body
Chapter 3 Scattering from Bi-isotropic BOR
3.1 Statement of the Problem
3.2 Method of Moment Solution
3.3 Measurement Matrices and Far Field Measurement
Chapter 4 Numerical Result and Discussion
4.1 Numerical Results for Bi-isotropic ….


Author: Bao, Jian

Source: City University of Hong Kong

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