Employee Remuneration Project

Remuneration is the compensation an employee receives in return for his or her contribution to the organisation. Employee Remuneration occupies an important place in the life of an employee. His or her standard of living, status in the society, motivation, loyalty, and productivity depend upon [he remuneration he or she receives. For the employer too, employee remuneration is significant because of its contribution to the cost of production. Besides, many battles (in the form of strikes and lock-outs) are fought between the employer and the employees on issues relating to wages or bonus. For HRM too, employee remuneration is a major function. The HR specialist has a difficult task of fixing wages and wage differentials acceptable to employees and their leaders. Since employee remuneration is such an important subject, considerable space is devoted in books and periodicals for detailed discussion of wage-related and salary-related problems.

Contents: Employee Remuneration Project

Components Of Remuneration
Importance Of An Ideal Remuneration System
Consequences Of Pay Dissatisfaction
Factors Influencing Employee Remuneration
Remuneration Plans And Business Strategy
Devising A Remuneration Plan
Challenges Affecting Remuneration
Concepts Of Wages


Meaning And Definition
Pre-Requisites Of Effective Incentive System
Types Of Incentive Schemes
Drafting An Incentive Scheme

Fringe Benefits & Services

Meaning And Definition
Why Benefits And Services?
Benefits As Incentives
Types Of Employee Benefits And Services

Observations & Findings

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