Enabling OpenWindow for use with enterprise firewalls

This paper describes a system for enabling Remote Proximity Inc.’s collaboration product OpenWindow for enterprise firewalls. Enabling for enterprise firewalls means that the application should use standard communication protocols which firewalls recognize and allow. To resolve this, SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) and CORBA (Common Object Request Broker) were introduced into the system.

Introducing SOAP and CORBA into the OpenWindow application did not only require an extension of the current design, it implied a total remake of the existing inter-object communication model (consisting of RMI and Voyager). This new model allowed all four protocols to coexist as well as enabled the product for more protocols. This model and the resulting prototype shows that there exists no ideal model where all these inter-object communication protocols coexist and the therefore is the resulting prototype a compromise between theory and pragmatism.

Author: Heintz, Anders

Source: Lulea University of Technology

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