Energy Transfer and Conversion in the Magnetosphere-Ionosphere System

Magnetized planets, such as Earth, are strongly influenced by the solar wind. The Sun is very dynamic, releasing varying amounts of energy, resulting in a fluctuating energy and momentum exchange between the solar wind and planetary magnetospheres. The efficiency of this coupling is thought to be controlled by magnetic reconnection occurring at the boundary between solar wind and planetary magnetic fields. One of the main tasks in space physics research is to increase the understanding of this coupling between the Sun and other solar system bodies. Perhaps the most important aspect regards the transfer of energy from the solar wind to the terrestrial magnetosphere as this is the main source for driving plasma processes in the magnetosphere-ionosphere system…


I Summary
1 Introduction
2 The Space Environment
2.1 Physics of plasma
2.2 The active Sun
2.3 The Earth
2.3.1 The magnetosphere
2.3.2 The ionosphere
2.4 The three-dimensional view: Cluster
3 The Solar-Terrestrial domino effect
3.1 Solar drivers
3.2 Links
3.2.1 Reconnection
3.2.2 Other mechanisms
3.3 Magnetospheric response
3.3.1 Energy conversion/transfer
3.3.2 Geomagnetic activity
3.3.3 Space Weather
4 Summary of papers
6 Summary and outlook

Author: Rosenqvist, Lisa

Source: Uppsala University Library

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