Enhancing usability for multi-touch devices

Interaction with computers has become far more intuitive with the introduction of multi-touch technology that allows for more of a natural way of interacting with objects.

This paper delves into how we made use multi-touch technology to create an intuitive software for holding presentations. This is something we wanted to do as holding good presentations is crucial in today’s business world.

It also goes into researching and developing a piece of software for a multi-touch unit for practical use in a business setting. This is mostly as it is time that multi-touch takes the step from something “cool” to something practical in the business world.

This project also allowed us to learn more about how to do research and development working from a basic idea of a client. Especially in the second part where the application had to be modified during the project to make it fit within the constantly changing constraints of what the customer wanted.

Author: Larsson, Johan

Source: Luleå University of Technology

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