Epidemiology of cardiovascular disease in rural Vietnam

In the context of transitional Vietnam, even though cardiovascular disease (CVD) has been shown to result in a huge burden of fatality and morbidity in hospitals, little is understood regarding the degree of its burden, risk factor levels and its connection with socio-demographic status in the over-all population. This particular dissertation offers a basic understanding into population-based knowledge of the CVD epidemiology in rural Vietnam and plays a role in the advancement of techniques for overseeing it. The supreme objective of the report is to facilitate the formulation of evidence-based health interventions for lowering the load of the CVD epidemic in Vietnam and elsewhere. This job was positioned in Bavi district, a rural community in the north of Vietnam. Reports on cause-specific mortality and risk factors were conducted within the framework of an ongoing Demographic Surveillance System (DSS) (called FilaBavi). The cause-specific mortality research used a verbal autopsy (VA) technique to recognize reasons for fatality in FilaBavi during 1999-2003…

Contents: Epidemiology of cardiovascular disease in rural Vietnam

What is cardiovascular disease?
Cardiovascular disease: an emerging public health problem in developing countries
Epidemiological transition
The case of Vietnam
Study setting
Study base
Study design
Main definitions
Ethical considerations
Applying VA and the WHO STEPS methods in FilaBavi (I, II)
Burden of mortality from CVD in Bavi (II, III
Magnitude of selected CVD risk factors among adults in Bavi (I, IV, V)
Social patterning of CVD mortality and risk factors in Bavi (III, IV, V)
Comparing risk factors profile among adults in 3 INDEPH sites (I, V)
Potential of combining the DSS and the WHO STEPS methodologies
Burden of CVD mortality and its risk factors in Bavi
Social patterning of CVD mortality and risk factors in Bavi
Risk factors transition in three transitional societies
Methodological considerations

Source: Umea University

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