Essays in Trade and Development

This dissertation involves two set of papers. The first chapter contains a brief introduction of the issues covered in this thesis. In the first set of papers (chapters 2 and 3) I investigate the use of product standards in international trade


1 Introduction
2 Analysis of product standards in international trade
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Literature Review
2.3 Modeling of the Standards
2.4 Optimal policy for the correction of a pure consumption externality in the case of a small open economy
2.4.1 In the presence of an optimal per unit consumption tax
2.4.2 In the absence of an optimal per unit consumption tax
2.5 Globally and nationally optimal policy
2.5.1 Unilateral optimal policy for a large country In the presence of an optimum tariff
2.5.2 Globally optimal policy with standards and consumption tax
2.6 Conclusion (Chapter 1)
3 National treatment welfare and politics
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Derivation of social and political welfare function in presence of consumption externality and standards
3.3 Relative welfare under national treatment and discrimination as a function of cost differential
3.4 Results from simulation
3.5 Special Interest Politics and NT rule
3.6 Tying the hands by binding NT rule
3.7 Conclusions (chapter 2)
3.8 Further research
4 The Mauritian miracle
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Economic accomplishments of Mauritius
4.3 Meade and the mixed inheritance of Mauritius
4.4 Mauritius’ Openness strategy
4.5 Openness outcomes
4.5.1 The Sachs Warner assessment
4.5.2 Heterodox Opening (Rodrik) The role of the preferential access
4.5.3 Export Processing Zones: FDI and ideas: Romer
4.5.4 Openness: What to conclude?
4.6 The role of the institutions
4.7 An econometric investigation of the Mauritian growth experience
4.8 Concluding observations: What might be unique about Mauritius
A Appendix to Chapter 1
A.1 Optimal policy package including output subsidy
A.2 Emissions tax and the optimal choice of the standards
A.3 Globally optimal standards regime in the absence of the consumption Tax
B Appendix to Chapter 2
Details of the simulated model

Author: Roy, Devesh

Source: University of Maryland

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