E-tourism, Tourism Industry, Tourism Services, Tourist Satisfaction Project Report

In this marketing project report, we will study the impact of technology on the Tourism Industry. Technology had a great influence on various industries. Tourism is not exempted from that. A number of companies have provided their travel and tourism services on-line and are convinced that they provide superior services compared to traditional travel agencies. But the most important thing is the perception of their clients. We will examine various determinants of tourists’ satisfaction in on-line tourism. After that we will show you how much e-tourism can satisfy tourists in each of pointed out factors as opposed to the traditional travel agencies.

The data collection technique of this study was Survey, and data collection methods used were interview and questionnaire. To start with the literature was examined in order to discover an appropriate model. A model named e-satisfaction was discovered. This model has five factors that are crucial in satisfaction of consumers when they’re purchasing online. As a way to modify this model for e-tourism a number of stages were implemented. Initially it was needed that different items get collected for each determinant factor as questions in the questionnaire. In this step interviews were carried out with experts in travel & tourism industry and individuals who had experienced e-tourism previously. We extracted different items from questionnaires in the literature of tourism and satisfaction. By this task E-satisfaction model (szymensky, Hise, 2000) was modified with travel and leisure perspective. The set of questions were made at this point.

Ultimately the data was examined by SPSS 13 and Factor analysis method was adopted. This study produces rich information for managers of e-tourism companies, by presenting the factors site layout, convenience, product information and product offering and financial security, that are the predictors of e-satisfaction in the travel and leisure sector. By the use of regression analyze we have proven that site design and convenience are the 2 major aspects that could satisfy tourists the most.

Source: LuleƄ University of Technology

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