The Role of FDI and Openness to Trade in Economic Growth: A study of Africa and Asia

Developing economies have become more influential in the world economy during the two last decades. The opened, dynamic and fastest-growing developing economies are considered to play a major role in a stable global economy. They attract foreign direct investments, FDI and experience high trade rates. These economies also create opportunities for the rest of the uprising developing regions, through spill over effects and increased regional trade.

The purpose of this thesis is to analyse the role of FDI and trade openness in promoting economic growth in Africa and Asia. The contrast in how FDI and openness to trade affect growth rates in these regions in particular is something that has been left out from previous studies…


1 Introduction
2 Background
3 Theoretical Framework
4 Previous Research
5 Method
6 Results and Analysis
6.1 Descriptive Data
6.2 Regression results and Analysis
7 Conclusion and Suggestions for Further Research

Author: Beradovic, Maria,Hennix, Jeanette

Source: Jönköping University

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