A feature-based shape similarity assessment framework

The popularity of 3D CAD systems is resulting in a large number of CAD models being generated. Availability of these CAD models is opening up new ways in which information can be archived, analyzed, and reused. 3D geometric information is one of the main components of CAD models. Therefore shape similarity assessment is a fundamental geometric reasoning problem that finds several different applications. In many design and manufacturing applications, the gross shape of the 3D parts does not play an important role in the similarity assessment. Instead certain attributes of part features play a dominant role in determining the similarity between two parts. Different feature-based models are usually created using their own coordinate systems. Therefore, feature-based shape similarity assessment involves finding the optimal alignment transformations for two sets of feature vectors. The optimal alignment corresponds to the minimum value of a distance function that is computed between the …

Author: Cardone, Antonio

Source: University of Maryland

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