Feature Modeling For Adaptive Computing

This document presents the outcomes of a thesis project which studies and designs concerning the issue “Feature Model for Adaptive Computing”. In this project, there’s 2 primary concerns, initial one is in regards to the Feature Modeling, and the next is how to make use of this Feature Modeling for adaptive computing. In this dissertation report, at the start, we present the challenge we are likely to resolve and present some background information, like the information about feature model and adaptive computing. Only then do we describe our solution and assess this solution. At the conclusion of this report, we provide a brief conclusion about our thesis project and feature work…

Contents: Feature Modeling For Adaptive Computing

1. Introduction
1.1 Problem discussion
1.2 Problem Statement
1.3 Method
1.3.1 Design strategy
1.3.2 Evaluation strategy
1.4 Restrictions
1.5 Structure of the thesis
2. Related Work
2.1 Theoretical framework
2.1.1 Adaptive Computing
2.1.2 Adaptive Computing building blocks
2.1.3 Feature modeling
2.1.4 Application of feature model
2.1.5 Domain-Specific Language (DSL)
2.1.6 Deployments system
2.2 Implementation technologies
2.2.1 UML class modeling
2.2.2 XML
2.2.3 XPath
2.3.4 Java Reflection API
3. Feature models for adaptive computing
3.1 Restriction Features
3.2 Application of restriction features
3.3 Restriction Language (RestrictionL)
3.3.1 Designing and using the RestrictionL
3.3.2 RestrictionL rules
3.3.3 Designed Java classes
3.3.4 Comments in RestrictionL
3.3.5 Importing information from other RestrictionL files
3.4 Methodology
3.4.1 Working procedure
3.4.2 Example for Methodology
4. Evaluation
4.1 Evaluation for Feature Model with Restriction Features
4.2 Evaluation for RestrictionL
4.3 Generality
4.4 Robustness and Efficiency
5. Conclusions and Future work…

Source: Vaxjo University

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