Alternative Methods Of Financing Software – Replacing Illegal Copying With Free Copying

The software industry’s biggest and most serious issue is software piracy. Almost all attempts to cease illegal copying of software have failed. Alternative ways to get rid of software piracy must therefore be discovered and some are presently being employed. These methods consist of alternative methods of financing software solutions instead of attempting to stop illegal copying

The alternative techniques utilize the affordable price of software copying as an advantage to boost revenue instead of seeing it as a challenge. This involves a change in the business model to concentrate on other income sources than per-copy fees. A variety of alternative financing methods exist. They are ideal under different conditions and there’s no standard solution. The methods all have one thing in common. The consumer can legitimately copy and make use of the software product without purchasing a license. All have different good and bad effects on the user and this can create the chance to use numerous business models to serve diverse niches.

Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology

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