Fire Safety of Today’s and Tomorrow’s Vehicles

This report looks at fire hazards in the current vehicle fleet and makes use of failure modes and effects analyses of 3 generic designs to spot and rank possible fire hazards in the Emerging Fuel Vehicle (EFV) fleet. To forecast risk of EFV fleets, a statistics based predictive quantitative risk assessment framework and estimated uncertainty analysis is provided. The investigation additionally ascertains that the rate of fire occurrence is the greatest factor that plays a role in risk of death in fire. These preliminary outcomes anticipate 420±14 fire related deaths annually for a fleet made up completely of gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles, 910±340 for compressed natural gas vehicles, and 1300±570 for hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles relative to the statistical record of 350 for traditional fuel vehicles. The outcomes are meant to give important fire safety information to the traveling public and also to emergency response personnel to improve safety when addressing EFV fire hazards….

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