Foreign aid: an elite survey

The complexities related to Official Development Assistance (ODA) to the “Third World” are what initiated my interest to write about foreign aid. For the past 50 years the world community has tried to cope with issues relating to globalization and all the political and economic turmoil’s which came with the end of colonialism and later communism.

In this study I seek to further elaborate on this complex issue on foreign aid; does it lead to development or dependency? Within the debate, the controversy exists around aid dependency and economic growth and is fuelled by the fact that Sub-Saharan Africa has barely achieved any poverty reduction since the 1960´s…


1 Introduction
1.1 Problem
1.2 Purpose
1.3 Delimitations
2 Method
2.1 An explorative paper
2.2 Qualitative data
2.3 A deductive method
2.4 The composition of the research
2.4.1 Analyzing the debate
2.4.2 Analyzing aid history and development theory
2.4.3 The elite survey method
2.5 Critical view of primary and secondary sources
2.5.1 Validity, Independence, relevance and tendency
3 The state of the current debate / Pro- and Contra arguments
3.1.1 Contra Arguments
3.1.2 Pro Arguments
3.1.3 Summary of argumentation
4 Conceptual context/development theories
4.1 A short history of foreign aid and development theory
4.2 The history of modern development theory
4.2.1 The Modernization Theory
4.2.2 The Dependency Theory
4.2.3 The World-System Theory
4.2.4 Summary
5 What views are reflected in the questionnaire
5.1 Aid resulting in Dependency
5.2 Aid resulting in development
6 Discussion and analysis
6.1 A history of uncertanity
6.2 The validity of questioning the debate
6.3 Dependency on different levels of development
6.4 The complex situation in Sub-Saharan Africa
7 Conclusion
7.1 Future studies
8 References and sources

Author: Salmonsson, Martin

Source: Jönköping University

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