Foreign Collaborations in India A Study of Patterns in the Pre and the Post- liberalisation Era

Developing countries like India have been using import of technology through foreign collaboration as a strategy to bridge the technological gaps in the country, to expedite economic development. There have not been many studies, however, to understand its impact and implications for technological capacity building of the country, and the deficiencies to be overcome for deriving the maximum benefits from collaborations. Experience also shows that many a collaborations have failed to fetch results as expected, and many have run into rough weather in implementation. There is thus, a need for comprehensive, systematic studies on the subject to help the decision makers at various levels in the industry and government. This study, based upon authentic databases available from the Indian Investment Centre, New Delhi and Centre for monitoring Indian Economy makes an effort to address some of the above issues. It analyses the patterns of foreign collaborations in India, spanning a period of 50…

Author: Krishna, Kumar

Source: Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode

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