Development of a Fringe Parking Model

Fringe parking is a parking management tool used by cities to provide additional parking on the outskirts of the central business district to achieve the goals of reducing downtown congestion, eliminating the need to construct downtown parking facilities and/or providing travelers with a lower cost parking option. There is limited research on forecasting techniques with fringe parking as a separate mode…


Chapter One: Introduction
Chapter Two: Literature Review
What is Fringe Parking?
History of Fringe Parking
CBD Parking Management Policies
The Effects of Parking Cost on Mode Choice
Who Uses Fringe Parking?
Estimating Fringe Parking/Park-and-ride Demand Modeling
Park-and-Ride and Fringe Parking Pricing
Modeling Fringe Parking
Chapter Three: Methodology
Case Study: Norfolk Virginia
The Hampton Roads Model
The Mode Choice Model
The Fringe Parking Model
Data Collection
Data Summary
Control Totals
The Fringe Parking Network
Fringe Parking Assignment
Model Calibration
Future Year Forecasts
Calculation of Future CBD Parking Deficits
Application of the Fringe Parking Model
Chapter Four: Analysis
Base Case Scenario
Sensitivity Tests
Chapter Five: Conclusion

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Author: Morrow, Erin Marie

Source: University of Maryland

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