A Future Wine Cluster in Kosova?

This thesis deals with the Kosovar agricultural economy and the introduction of new approaches. Kosova is an economy in transition with high unemployment, young population and structural problems. The privatization process promises a better future and economic growth. However, hard work and new approaches are needed. Privatization does not mean immediate growth. Hereby, clusters are considered as an appropriate approach to develop rural areas. Especially the wine sector in Kosova could be an example for cluster development as it is a promising sector. Wine has a long history in Kosova although wine consumption is not widespread. This sector is a rare example where exports are higher than imports. Climate conditions cheep working force and as stated the background make this sector attractive. Foreign agencies and investors are very interested in this sector….


1. Introduction
1.1. Facts about Kosova
1.2. The Kosova economy
2. The Aim of the Study
Initiating a wine cluster in Kosova
The methodology – comparison between
California and Kosova
3. The Cluster Perspective
3.1. The cluster concept
3.2. The Porter’s “diamond” model
3.3. The California wine cluster
(As an empirical based model)
3.4. Cluster initiatives
4. Wine Production in Kosova
4.1. History of viticulture and production
4.2. Structural change in the wine sector
4.3. Elements in Kosova wine cluster
5. The Creation of a Kosova Wine Cluster
How to strengthen the wine cluster
6. Conclusion
7. References
8. Annexes

Author: Faton Deva

Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology

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