A Study of Gender Representation in Californication

By studying contemporary media texts we could have a better understanding for our specific culture and time. The goal of this report is to talk about some messages that the media convey about gender and the potential effects of this representation. I’ve for this reason chosen to analyse the Showtime production Californication. This research uses critical discourse analysis to look at Californication from a gender perspective to answer these questions: How is the world in Californication represented? What identities and relationships are constructed for those working in the text Californication? How’s gender representation presented in the text? The investigation demonstrates that while Californication is in many ways a series depending on liberal and experimental representations of masculinity and femininity, a more in-depth analysis reveals that the production at the same time actually encourages traditional ideals and a return to conventional family values…


1. Introduction
Purpose and thesis statement
2. Theory
Critical discourse analysis
Representation of gender on television
Gender constructions: representation of masculinity and femininity
3. Methods
4. Text analysis…

Source: Malmo University

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