A study on groupware choice in companies

This study addresses the issue of groupware choice in two different kinds of companies, IT- companies and industrial companies. Our main goal is to find out whether the companies? type effects the choice of groupware. We have conducted qualitative interviews as well as sent out quantitative questionnaire in order to fulfil our goals.The result indicates that there is a connection between groupware choice and company type among the companies participating in our study. IT- companies tend to use single function groupware applications while industrial companies choose multifunction groupware applications…


1. Introduction
1.1 Problem area
1.2 Problem limitation
1.3 Target group
1.4 Hypothesis
1.5 Purpose
1.6 Goals
2. Method
2.1 Interviews
2.1.1 Companies and interviewees
2.1.2 Structuring and standardisation
2.1.3 Questions
2.1.4 Tools
2.2 Questionnaire
2.2.1 Procedure
2.2.2 Preparatory work
2.2.3 Questions
2.2.4 Structuring and standardisation
2.3 Literature study
3. Literature study
3.1 Collaboration
3.2 Groupware
3.2.1 Single function groupware applications
3.2.2 Multifunction groupware applications
3.2.3 Problems of groupware
4. Result
4.1 Interviews
4.1.1 Interview with Dimension AB
4.1.2 Interview with Ericsson Software Technology AB
4.1.3 Interview with Industrial Company 1
4.1.4 Interview with SwedeMatic AB
4.1.4 Findings
4.1.5 Summary of findings
4.2 Questionnaire
4.2.1 Result questionnaires
4.2.2 Findings
4.2.3 Summary of findings
5. Discussion
5.1 Companies and their choice
5.2 Reasons for groupware choice
5.3 Measures
6. Conclusion
6.1 Contribution to computer science
6.2 Discussion of improvements

Author: Anna-Karin Holmberg, Caroline Petersson

Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology

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