Guerrilla Marketing: Reaching the customer in an untraditional way

One is under continuous influence of commercials and advertisements each day, it has reached to such a level that the end customer are blocking today’s channels. Therefore the authors of this thesis argue that mainstream marketing approaches are getting old, TV commercials and traditional advertisements are not as effective as it has been. For instance, in 1965 one could reach 80% of a mainstream target audience with three advertisements spots. Accordingly, in 2002, one needed 127 spots to reach the same percentage. Organizations need new ways to reach through the clutter in the market. Therefore, guerrilla marketing is interesting. The purpose of this thesis is to examine guerrilla marketing.

Methodology: The authors wanted to examine the phenomenon of guerrilla marketing and therefore decided to use a qualitative approach to construct a deep and profound picture. In order to fulfill the purpose, the authors of this thesis conducted 7 interviews ….


1 Briefing
1.1 Background
1.2 “The guerrilla problem”
1.2.1 Research questions
1.2.2 Purpose
2 Planning phase of the battle
2.1 Qualitative approach
2.1.1 Why Qualitative approach?
2.2 Literature Study
2.3 Research design
2.3.1 How the interviews were conducted
2.3.2 The interview guide
2.3.3 Selection of the respondents
2.3.4 How the data was analyzed
3 Rules of the battleground
3.1 Terminology
3.2 Communication – Winning the war
3.3 Forming the message
3.3.1 Marketing communication
3.3.2 Promotional mix
3.3.3 Loading up with more ammunition Word of Mouth Live buzz marketing Viral Marketing
3.3.4 Reactions to the message
3.4 Choosing the right channel
3.4.1 Channel management
3.4.2 The internet channel
3.5 Reaching the receivers
3.5.1 Military approaches
3.6 Guerrilla Marketing – winning the war?
3.6.1 Brilliant ideas of guerrilla marketing
4 Intelligence from the Battleground
4.1 Introduction to respondents
4.2 Empirical findings from Miami
4.2.1 Interview with Fredrik Olsson (FO)
4.3 Findings at Miami’s clients
4.3.1 Interview with Annika Lennstam (ALE), Mitsubishi
4.3.2 Interview with Hans Rothenberg (HR), Moderaterna
4.3.3 Interview with Patrick Centerwall (PC), Hyresgästföreningen
4.4 Findings from American Authors & Consultants
4.4.1 Interview with Alfred Lautenslager (AL), Author & Marketing Expert
4.4.2 Interview with Laurie Kahn (LK), Media Staffing Network (MSN), USA
4.4.3 Interview with Michael McLaughlin (MM), American Author & Consultant
5 Analysis of the intelligence
5.1 Communication – the route to win the war?
5.2 Marketing Communication
5.2.1 Promotional mix – weapons to win the war
5.2.2 More ammunition Word of mouth Live Buzz marketing Viral marketing
5.3 In what way could AIDA support winning the battle?
5.4 Choosing the right channel
5.4.1 Channel Management
5.4.2 The internet channel – getting around the defensive line?
5.5 Marketing Warfare
5.6 Guerrilla Marketing
5.7 Summary of the analysis – How to win the war?
6 Conclusion
7 End discussion
7.1 The future of marketing
7.2 Trustworthiness of the study
7.2.1 Evaluation of the interviews
7.3 Future Research Advisors

Author: Sandberg, Per,Stierna, Henrik

Source: Jönköping University

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