The Holocene Spread of Spruce in Scandinavia

The Holocene spread of Picea abies in Scandinavia offers an great chance of in depth research of the characteristics of tree spread and population expansion. Early- and mid-Holocene macrofossil proof for the existence of Picea abies in Scandinavia has stunted traditional understandings of the timing and direction of its spread. This research is designed to look for the pattern of the spread of Picea abies in Scandinavia from pollen along with other data, to gauge the importance of possible early outpost populations and also to consider likely elements that affected the spread and population expansion of Picea abies in Scandinavia. Palaeoecological investigations were completed on the sediments of 4 little lakes in central Sweden to gain comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of the spread. Holocene pollen blueprints with independent dating control had been gathered from Fennoscandia and nearby areas to compare and contrast the timing of selected features of the Picea abies pollen curve. Computer models were utilised to check possible scenarios for the spread and Picea abies population expansion…

Contents: Holocene Spread of Spruce in Scandinavia

1. Introduction
2. Ecology of Picea abies
3. Methods
4. Results
4.1. Vegetation history of central Sweden seen in a PCA-plot
4.2. Deducing the presence of Picea abies near the study sites
4.3. Forest fires and the increase of Picea abies pollen
4.4. The broader view beyond central Sweden
4.5. Moving front – a model?
5. Discussion
5.1. The direction and pattern of spread
5.2. Disturbance and barriers
5.3. The effect of climate
5.4. Competition, adaptation and ancestry
5.5. Population size and propagule pressure
5.6. Problems and perspectives…

Source: Uppsala University Library

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