The Importance of Human Capital in the Production of New Knowledge

During the last few centuries the western economies have experienced an economic growth never before seen in history. This transformation has mainly been caused by knowledge, compared to previous history where land, natural resources, labor or machines were the factors determining economic growth and development.

This thesis aims at analyzing the importance of human capital for generation of economic growth through its effect on knowledge production in the innovation process. Knowledge is a fundamental precondition of innovation and technological change, which in turn is the main generator of long run economic growth. …


1 Introduction
1.1 Purpose and hypothesis
1.2 Outline
2 The Production of New Knowledge
2.1 The nature of knowledge and innovation
2.2 The importance of knowledge
2.3 Technology supply
2.4 Knowledge spillovers and industry localization
3 The Role of Accessibility and R&D in the Production of New Knowledge
3.1 The importance of accessibility
3.2 The influence of R&D on knowledge production
4 The Importance of Human Capital and Density
5 Patents as a Measure of New Knowledge
6 Empirical Analysis
6.1 Model outline
6.2 Discussion of data
6.3 Regression analysis
7 Conclusion

Author: Rindeskär, Maria

Source: Jönköping University

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