Image follows structure

The business market today is characterized by tough competition amongst the competitors to capture consumers’ interest and money. One marketing tool companies can use to achieve this is the company’s image. The customer buys not only a product, but also the image that the company or the product is associated with. To reach the desired corporate image companies need to be aware of the signals they are sending out and how and what to communicate to the market. They need to look within themselves and their internal factors, since the signals are created within the company.
Purpose: To examine how different structures of organisations can influence a company’s internal image and thereby leave a contribution to the knowledge of a business’ internal image.
Research Method: Empirical studies have been accomplished through interviews with employees on different positions at Nexus. A case study approach was used to give a more complete depiction of the company.
Conclusion: A splinter within an organization can be seen through its image, which affects the external image. Uncertainty in the structure of the organization will also be exposed to the environment, which will lead to a splintered picture of the organization. Two important factors when creating an image are business culture and information/communication. These factors will together generate a united transmission of the company and its values.

Author: Nyrén, Edvard,Nyström, Maria

Source: Linköping University

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