Impact of fire on the stability of tunnels

The purpose of this thesis is to study the influence of fire on the stability of tunnels. During the last few years a number of fires have taken place in tunnels. For example, the fires in the Channel and the Tauern tunnels took several human lives and caused significant damage to the tunnel structures.

This thesis is a review of research on the influence of fire on the rock and rock reinforcement performed during the last 40 years. High temperature results in changes of the thermal, mechanical and physical properties of rock and rock reinforcement (shotcrete, bolts, concrete lining). During a fire damage to rock and concrete structures occur due to spalling. Failure and collapse of tunnels have occurred as a result of high temperatures. Spalling in concrete can be avoided by adding steel or polypropylene fibres. Some tests studied in this thesis investigate their influence on the fire resistance of concrete. Some methods for to estimating the decrease of the strength of concrete due to fire are presented.

It is necessary to perform a more detailed investigation of the fire resistance of different types of rock, because rocks with low fire resistance should be additionally supported or protected. The influence of grouting on the fire resistance of rock should also be more investigated.

Author: Erdakov, Pavel; Khokhryachkin, Daniil

Source: Lulea University of Technology

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