The impact of the Internet on the distribution value chain: the case of the Iranian tourism industry

The Internet is an important new channel for commerce in a wide range of industries. While the opportunities afforded by this phenomenon seem readily apparent, there is still much debate and speculation on exactly how the use of the Internet and in particular the World Wide Web will affect established industries. The tourism industry, unlike many other industries is a composite of service providers that are normally grouped with other industries in the national system of accounts. These service providers include travel agents and tour operators, air, rail, road, and sea transportation operators, hotels, guesthouses and inns, tourist attraction operators, restaurants, shop selling handicraft, souvenirs, clothing, footwear, leather items, and other items of interest to tourists. In this Research we analyze the value chain of the tourism industry, using as a case study the tourism industry in Islamic Republic of Iran. We analyzed Iranian tourism Industry’s strength and weakness, opportunity and threats. Specifically, we examine the roles played by intermediaries in the distribution chain and explore the threats and opportunities that the emergence of the Internet, and other associated trends, present for the industry. Based on this, a profile is made for successful new intermediaries.

Author: Homayooni, Narges

Source: Luleå University of Technology

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