Design and implementation of a shared whiteboard application for industrial environments

Handheld mobile devices, such as smartphones and PDAs are becoming more and more attractive for workers in many different environments. In some environments they are still relatively uncommon even though they could be advantageous for collaborating and problem solving. As the devices becomes better, more possibilities arise to use them in different kinds of environments. This thesis presents the design and development of a prototype for a collaboration tool for industrial environments. A collaboration tool is a tool that helps the user with direct or indirect interaction, with for example a co-worker or an expert. The prototype is a whiteboard like application that aims to improve the interaction for machine keepers in the rough environment of SSAB’s steel mill. The focus of the thesis is on what software components are needed and how they should be designed. This report describes how the workers at SSAB were observed, and how the requirements on the hardware and software were set with help of interviews and evaluations. It also goes into the different aspects of designing the application and how to implement the various parts and components. The report shows that the components and design presented is sufficient, but in some cases not the best choice.

Author: Lindstrom, Daniel; Nilsson, Daniel

Source: Lulea University of Technology

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