Ways to improve the performance of a plant

Nowadays many companies are interested to improve their production system. It has become important in globalize and competitive market for the survival. The companies are looking to their production systems in the different direction to get the competitive advantages. But the most important is to find out the problem of the production system to make improvements.In this thesis, a part of the production system of a company is studied to find the problems of the production system to make the improvements and to recommend some points to the company for the achievements of its goals. For this purpose, the overall equipment effectiveness calculations have been used to see the current situation of the production system of the company. These calculations of the O.E.E. of the different production work stations make the clear picture of the problems. It calculates the availability of the production system which shows that maintenance system’s effectiveness…


1. Introduction
1.1 Background
1.2 Problem discussion
1.3 Presentation of problem
1.4 Problem formulation
1.5 Purpose
1.6 Relevance
1.7 Limitations
1.8 Timeframe
2. Research methodology
2.1 Positivism and Hermeneutics
2.2 Qualitative and Quantitative methods
2.3 Data collection technique
2.4 Induction and deduction
2.5 Research strategies
2.5.1 Experiment
2.5.2 Survey
2.5.3 Interview
2.5.4 Observation
2.5.5 Case study
2.6 Validity and Reliability
2.7 Research method selection
3. Theory
3.1 Maintenance
3.2 Maintenance Objectives
3.3 Maintenance management
3.4 Maintenance strategies
3.4.1 Preventive maintenance
3.4.2 Predictive maintenance
3.4.3 Breakdown maintenance
3.4.4 Design out maintenance
3.5 Maintenance techniques
3.6 Maintenance and production relationship
3.7 Competitive advantages through efficient maintenance
3.8 Introduction and history of Total productive maintenance
3.9 Definition of TPM
3.9.1 Down time losses
3.9.2 Speed losses
3.9.3 Defect or Quality losses
3.10 Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)
4. Empirical findings
4.1 Henjo Plåtteknik AB Ljungby
4.2 Introduction
4.3Organizational plan of the company
4.4 Company working style and different processes
4.5 Products of Henjo Plåtteknik AB
4.6 Description of the production section activities
4.7 Production process
4.8. Quality
4.9. Maintenance
4.10. Goals of the company
5. Analysis
5.1. O.E.E. calculation of Laser cutting work station
5.2. O.E.E. calculation of Bending work station
5.3. O.E.E. calculation of Punching work station
5.4. O.E.E. calculation of Robot Welding work station
5.5. Production line 1 & 2
5.5.1 O.E.E. calculation of Line 1
5.5.2 O.E.E. calculation of Line 2
6 Results and Discussion
7 Conclusions
8 Recommendations

Author: Shahid tufail, Muhammad

Source: Vaxjo University

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