How to Improve Students’ Writing and Speaking Skills

English is one of three core subjects in upper secondary school and it is essential that students receive a good education in this subject. Since writing and speaking are such prominent parts of the English language, the teacher is obliged to possess knowledge of how to improve students’ proficiencies in an efficient way. The question is how to use this knowledge whenthe teacher is supposed to compose different methods for lessons, evaluate the exercises and give proper feedback to the students.This investigation is based on various literary sources, interviews with teachers and questionnaires with students and the background information is the basis for the interview questions and the questionnaire…


1 Introduction
1.1 Aim
1.2 Methods
2 Background
2.1 Methods for writing
2.2 Methods for speaking
2.3 Feedback
2.4 Evaluation
3 Analysis
3.1.1 The participating school and the participating teachers
3.2 Interviews
3.2.1. When you are choosing writing tasks, do you involve the students in the choice of topics? If so, how do you decide?
3.2.2. How do you evaluate the writing tasks you are doing?
3.2.3. Many students have problems getting started to write. How do you work on that issue?
3.2.4. Do you have any particular methods to create a specific atmosphere for writing sessions?
3.2.5 What do you think is an appropriate group size for discussions?
3.2.6. Do you speak only English in class?
3.2.7 How do you manage to get the students to speak only English?
3.2.8. Role play is said to be a good way of improving students’ speaking abilities. Do you ever use this method?
3.2.9. How do you correct written errors and spoken errors?
3.2.10. How do you evaluate whether a students’ speaking skills have developed or not?
3.2.11. How do you make sure that everybody gets to speak as much as possible?
3.3 Result of Questionnaire
3.3.1 I want the teacher to correct every error that I say/write
3.3.2 We get to decide writing topics together with the teacher
3.3.3 Everyone gets to speak when we have group discussions
3.3.4 I speak only English during English class
3.3.5 The teacher speaks only English during English class
3.3.6 I believe that writing is difficult to get started with
3.3.7 I write better when I listen to music
3.3.8 I write better when there is a particular atmosphere in the classroom
3.3.9 Sometimes we do drama and I think that develops my speaking abilities
4 Conclusion
5 References
6 Appendix – Questionnaire

Author: Elftorp, Fredrik

Source: Jönköping University

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