Informal and Formal Care for the Elderly

This dissertation consists of two essays. In the first one I exploit geographic variation in the Medicare Home Health Care reimbursement rate that arose as a result of legislation passed in 1997 to identify the impact of government coverage of home health care visits on the living arrangements…


Chapter 1: Institutional Background
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Background on Medicare Home Health Care Reimbursement Change
1.3 Certification of Medicare Home Health Care Agencies
Chapter 2: Changing the Way the Elderly Live: Evidence from the Home Health Care Market in the United States
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Literature Review
2.3 Empirical Framework
2.3.1 A Measure that Captures the Cross-State Variation Introduced by the Balanced Budget Act
2.3.2 Structural Framework
2.4 Data
2.5 Reduced Form Estimation Results
2.5.1 Estimation Results
2.5.2 Alternative Explanations: Changes in the Sample of Institutionalized Elderly
2.5.3 Alternative Explanations: Dynamics in the Medicaid Home and Community Based Care Services Market
2.6 A Structural Estimate
2.7 Conclusion
Chapter 3: Ownership and Exit Behavior when Entry Costs are Low: The Case of Home Health Agencies in California
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Review of the Empirical Literature
3.3 Review of the Theoretical Literature
3.4 Limit Per-User
3.5 Hazard Specifications
3.6 Data
3.7 Sample and Summary Statistics
3.8 Estimation Results
3.9 Conclusion and Directions for Future Research
Chapter 4: Conclusion

Author: Orsini, Chiara

Source: University of Maryland

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