Potentials of Insurance Market Development in Jizzak region

The purpose of this thesis is to find the answers to following questions:
How is the current situation in the insurance market of Uzbekistan?
What kind of insurance services are there and what is the demand for them?
The determination of main clientele of insurance companies;
The determination of factors that can affect on insurance services
The analysis of proportion of population who do not apply for insurance services and the reasons;
The role of marketing research in companies’ growth;
Method: This research used Quantitative method. Survey technique used to conduct a quantitative study. Primary data collected through questionnaire. Secondary data collected from banks and department of Statistics of the local government. This research can be seen as deductive research since it begins by examining theories related to insurance and consumer behavior to insurance services. Following hypothesis were developed by the assumption that
• Person’s insurance expenditure dependent of their annual income
• Person’s positive opinion about insurance dependent of their gender
• Person’s positive opinion about insurance dependent of their age
• Person’s positive opinion about insurance dependent of their education
• Person’s who is insured dependent of their income


Chapter 1 Literature Review
1.1 Economic nature and functions of insurance
1.2 Marketing and marketing research in insurance
1.3 Insurance market in Uzbekistan
1.4 Hypothesis
1.5 Marketing research tools
Chapter 2 Analyses and Results
2.1. Factors that can affect to insurance market
2.1.1 Natural disasters
2.1.2 Obligatory insurance: Banks and Credit unions
2.1.3 Obligatory insurance: Construction companies
2.1.4 Competitors
2.2 Analysis of people’s annual expenditures
2.3. Analysis of consumer behavior in insurance market
Chapter 3 Conclusion and Recommendations

Author: Shuhrat Abdullaev, Sharof Abdurahmonov

Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology

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