Integrated Software Pipelining

In this thesis we address the problem of integrated software pipelining for clustered VLIW architectures. The phases that are integrated and solved as one combined problem are: cluster assignment, instruction selection, scheduling, register allocation and spilling.As a first step we describe two methods for integrated code generation of basic blocks. The first method is optimal and based on integer linear programming…


1 Introduction
1.1 Motivation
1.2 Compilers and code generation for VLIW architectures
1.2.1 Compilation
1.2.2 Very long instruction word architectures
1.3 Retargetable code generation and Optimist
1.3.1 The Optimist framework
1.4 Contributions
1.5 List of publications
1.6 Thesis outline
2 Integrated code generation for basic blocks
2.1 Integer linear programming formulation
2.1.1 Optimization parameters and variables
2.1.2 Removing impossible schedule slots
2.1.3 Optimization constraints
2.2 The genetic algorithm
2.2.1 Evolution operations
2.2.2 Parallelization of the algorithm
2.3 Results
2.3.1 Convergence behavior of the genetic algorithm
2.3.2 Comparing ILP and GA performance
3 Integrated modulo scheduling
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Extending the model to modulo scheduling
3.2.1 Resource constraints
3.2.2 Removing more variables
3.3 The algorithm
3.3.1 Theoretical properties
3.4 Experiments
3.4.1 A contrived example
3.4.2 DSPSTONE kernels
4 Related work
4.1 Integrated code generation for basic blocks
4.1.1 Optimal methods
4.1.2 Heuristic methods
4.2 Integrated software pipelining
4.2.1 Optimal methods
4.2.2 Heuristic methods
4.2.3 Discussion of related work
4.2.4 Theoretical results
5 Possible extensions
5.1 Quantify the improvement due to the integration of phases
5.2 Improving the theoretical results
5.3 Integrating other phases in code generation…..


Author: Eriksson, Mattias

Source: Linköping University

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Keywords: Projects, Dissertation, Thesis, Project Reports

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