Design of an integrated voltage regulator

Many analog systems need a stable power supply voltage that does not vary with temperature and time in order to operate properly. In a battery operated system the battery voltage is not stable, e.g. it decreases with decreasing temperature and with ageing. In that case a voltage regulator must be used, that regulates the battery voltage and generates a stable supply voltage to power other circuitry. In this thesis a voltage regulator to be used in a battery operated system has been designed which meets the given specification of stability and power capabilities. A voltage reference, which is a commonly used devise in analog circuits, was also designed…


1 Abstract
2 Abbreviations
3 Introduction
3.1 Background
3.2 Objective
3.3 Method
3.4 Limitations
3.5 Company
4 Theory
4.1 Voltage regulator
4.2 Voltage reference
4.2.1 Bandgap reference
4.3 Inverter
4.4 Transmission gate, TRG
4.5 Level shifter
4.6 Operational transconductance amplifier, OTA
4.7 Electric design
4.8 Layout design
4.8.1 Mismatch
4.8.2 Noise
5 Results
5.1 Voltage regulator
5.1.1 Simulation results
5.2 Bandgap reference
5.2.1 Simulation results
5.3 BOD
5.4 Layout design
6 Conclusion
7 References
8 Appendix
8.1 MOSFET drain current equations
8.2 Temperature dependence

Author: Komark, Stina

Source: Linköping University

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