Internet banking in Pakistan

This thesis aims to provide a better understanding of how Internet banking is prevailing in Pakistan. This purpose is achieved via two research questions which focus on how the bank’s online environment (i.e. website) can be described as well as how customer services within this online environment can be described. A multiple case study strategy was used, focusing on two banks,namely Muslim commercial bank and Citibank Pakistan. Data was collected via Interviews and interaction with the websites, focusing on feedback from the customers using the banking websites. In using these websites for their banking, the findings show that the main benefits included lower costs, efficiency and time saving retention. Websites should have clear and concise information in order to build trust with the customer, and multimedia, graphic elements should be avoided, as this distracts customers from why they came to the site. In terms of customer service, loan information, language options, and a menu of multiple services were all found to be important. The main problem was found to be a lack of trust in the new banking channel by customers. However, effective complaint management can increase customers’ loyalty and trust in Internet banking.

Author: Shariq, Shahzad

Source: LuleƄ University of Technology

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